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TechIT Europe franchise offers Computer repair and support to homes and businesses. It is a home-based franchise opportunity.

About Us

The TechIT Europe Franchising
TechIT Europe franchise provides homes and small businesses with a fast and high quality support and repair service for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple computers and PC computers . It is a mobile, home-based franchise offering a reliable and friendly onsite service to customers or a business franchise offering a reliable and friendly workshop or onsite service to customers.

TechIT Europe is looking to expand our franchise network in the UK and Europe. We are looking for hard working and determined individuals to join the TechIT Europe family. And you don’t need to have experience in the repair industry, just an enthusiasm for computers and Apple Products, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Laptops.

TechIT Europe offers you:

- Web presence and Web Marketing.
- Social Networking and promotions to grow your presence on web
- Special Training for those who does not have experience in the repair industry
- Reliable Suppliers
- Strategies to grow the business based in our know-how and experiences
- Open mind Franchiser to absorb new ideas and technologies to help keep our franchisees always in the first.

Why a TechIT Europe franchise?
Growing industry
In today’s uncertain climate, businesses and households are more reluctant to buy new computers, and Apple products due to cash restraints and so are opting for the cheaper option of getting them fixed instead. Computer repair is therefore a fast growing market offering an abundance of opportunities for TechIT Europe franchisees.
Gap in the market
As the need for computer repair services grows, so does the demand for reliable and experienced computer repair firms. There is however a shortage of repair firms in the UK and Europe providing a reliable and quality service using qualified engineers. Customers are looking for a company that is local and offers professionalism, knowledge and experience whilst offering at the same time, big company reassurance. TechIT Europe can offer them the best of both worlds – a local business with international presence and support. 
Repeat business
Computers, iPhone, iPod and iPad can need servicing for a number of reasons  - glass broken, LCD broken, faulty in general, software updates, lost data, new technology, virus protection, etc – and so a TechIT Europe  franchisee may be required to service the same computer or gadget on several occasions. By offering a reliable, affordable and friendly service the first time and a same day repair, TechIT Europe franchisees can enjoy repeat business and also referrals from the satisfied customer.
Low overheads offer competitive advantage
TechIT Europe is a home-based franchise and so no office or retail premises are needed. There is also little stock to carry so the overall overheads are substantially lower. This saving can be passed on to the customers, an advantage TechIT Europe franchise owners have over their larger, retail-based competitors, with affordable prices.
TechIT Europe franchise opportunities

TechIT Europe offers various opportunities in UK, Europe and Brazil, as local, regional  or National franchisee (for small countries)

Local Franchisee are hands-on franchisees who carry out the repair work by themselves, locally, Home-Based.

Regional franchisee are franchisees who carry out the repair work by themselves, or recruit computer or apple engineers to carry out the work for them, and cover larger area, could be Home-Based or a Business.

National Franchisee are franchisees who take a management role in the business, and is ambitious engineer or manager who wants to expand over multiple territories, could work by themselves or recruit engineers to carry out the work, also can work nationwide by courier or mail service, repairing at their premises. A National Franchisee can exist where TechIT Europe does not have a Regional Franchisee, or by agreement will cover other areas not covered by a regional one.

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TechIT Europe franchise more opportunities

TechIT Europe offers opportunity for a Digital Forensic and Digital Security Professionals who wants to run a franchisee in an innovative and new market to deal with individuals, small companies and medium companies.
We are offering for professionals in the field run a home-based service and to grow a networking of professionals to cover, help and protect individuals and companies in their security with small costs. And act as a Digital Forensic where required. At limited time we are offering no start fee, and a small annual fee as a franchise of TechIT Europe Security.